Demolition in Johnson City And Bristol, TN

Osborne and Sons has over ten years of experience in the demolition and land clearing industry!

Find out why so many eastern Tennesseans have made us their trusted choice for all things grading on our website.

Are you looking to hire an experienced company? Osborne and Sons is your number one option when it comes to demolitions and land clearers in both Johnson City, TN areas as well as Bristol, Virginia! We've been around since 2008, providing services such as site preparation or excavation/land clearing construction work by use of heavy machinery.

Would you like to get rid of an old building? Osborne and Sons offers demolition services in eastern Tennessee, including Johnson City, Bristol, Bluff City, Kingsport, and Elizabethton. We can demo residential or commercial buildings, unwanted or damaged structures, concrete, asphalt, and more.

You need a site plan to get your demolition permit. Regulations vary depending on where you are, but if there is even the slightest doubt about whether demolishing the structure would do damage or affect other structures nearby, they won't give it out until everything has been approved in writing beforehand.

Osborne and Sons provides quality demolition services at reasonable prices. With wrecking services experts who have been properly insured for all possible scenarios on your project site, our company ensures complete success through every step of any demolition process from loading to disposal.

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Excavator cleaning debris from a demolition

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